Departments and Teams

Bayreach is organized into two large groups: Bayreach General and Bayreach Team. Our Bayreach Team consists of three important departments, including the Department of Volunteering, Department of External Operations, and Department of Internal Operations. Specialized teams of students within each department carry out essential functions that further our reach and help us achieve our goals.

Department of Volunteering

BVC Admin Team

The Bayreach Volunteer Corps Admin Team organizes, manages, and oversees the administration of volunteer events, volunteer teams, and the Bayreach Make Your Impact Campaign.

BEC Admin Team

The Bayreach Education Corps Admin Team is in charge of tutoring, academic support, partnerships with elementary and middle schools, and the Bayreach Enrich Your Narrative Campaign.

Department of External Operations

Campaign Team

The Campaign Team is in charge of facilitating all campaign related events to further our impact on the student community. This includes the planning, preparation, and execution of these events.

Research Team

The Research Team directs the gathering, management, and application of information and statistics while exploring the best way to impact our community through our events and programs.

Department of Internal Operations

Finance Team

The Finance Team is essential for the budgeting, fundraising, and flow of funds within our organization. This includes many subtasks, some of which include grant writing, fundraising campaigns, and events.

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team focuses on the expansion, reach, and awareness of our organization. Partnerships, corporate and individual relations, advertising, and branding are all managed by this team.


Gabrielle Darisme

Director of Volunteering

A senior at Homestead High School, Gabrielle has been with Bayreach since the beginning fo 2019. Her outgoing and bubbly personality bring incredible and highly appreciated optimism to Bayreach.


Hannah Oh

Director of External Operations

Hannah is a senior at Homestead High School and a new addition to the Director Team. Her precision and logic-based mentality brings much-needed organization and order to Bayreach. 


Edwin He

Director of Internal Operations

As a junior at Homestead, Edwin is the youngest member of the Director Team. Edwin's duality between friendliness and productivity proves effective as he manages essential functions of Bayreach.

Interested in making an impact?

Our team is a close community of highly passionate, dedicated, and capable students who want to give back to the community. If you are a student looking to make an impact, please apply today!

Above is our 2019 Director Team, facilitating our unique Unwind Your Mind Event!

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