The Bayreach SRI is split into two sectors that focus on mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

Education Sector

Education Sector

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Health Sector

Health Sector


Education Sector

COVID-19 has caused many schools to shut down and transition into distant learning, which poses many challenges for the students in our community. The foundation of our young learners’ is affected as the virus has become a barrier to helping them learn the basic skills in various subjects. In addition, students in high school only have a limited amount of resources for a crucial part of their life. This is the time when they build their extracurriculars and start to explore careers that they want to pursue. The education sector is determined to help out all the students in the nation affected by the virus. They are focusing towards providing students with the resources and assistance they need in order to make sure that the virus does not take a toll on anyone’s education.


Bayreach Book Boxes

The mission for the Bayreach Book Boxes project is to give members of the community a way to exchange books safely and to share the joys of reading with others. As libraries remain closed, many people have lost access to books, which serve the important function of inspiring and motivating us. These small library units offer the community a chance to indulge in a good read while staying safe. They are custom-built cost effective, and health-conscious, and they will be placed in public spaces to ensure that the books will be both accessible and used. A rectangular compartment with a transparent hatch will sit atop a tall wooden pole and each unit will be equipped with hand sanitizer. These book boxes will keep the love of reading alive during these stressful times.


Online Career Fair

Stimulus Legislation Simplification

The goal of this project is to provide personal protection equipment to the hospitals that are fighting on the front line against this global pandemic.

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The purpose of this project is to make the process of receiving and handling the Economic Impact Payment (Stimulus check) simplified, so everyone who is eligible for one can benefit.


Aid Underprivileged Students

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The goal of the Aid US project is to serve all students in the country with an emphasis on helping low-income

and homeless students


This project performs research on how the coronavirus is affecting students. Based on their findings, the team puts together steps which they can take to support the students with the issue.


Health Sector

The health sector is dedicated to helping keep everyone safe during this pandemic, especially those who are prone to the virus. This sector is also in charge of helping spread accurate and reliable information about the virus since it is critical to be aware of the ongoing situation. In addition, they are providing the brave hospitals that are fighting this global pandemic with services and equipment which are necessary. SRI believes it is their responsibility to help the doctors and nurses who are fighting this pandemic on behalf of all of us while putting their own lives at risk. 


Mask Our Heroes

PPE Acquisition

The Mask Our Heroes is organizing efforts to create hand-sewn masks for the hospital workers in desperate need of PPE.

The goal of this project is to provide personal protection equipment to the hospitals that are fighting on the front line against this global pandemic. Mask our Heroes is a subdivision of this project. 


Feed the ER

This project is aimed towards providing food to these workers in the ER and to help relieve their stressful days. The team has been contacting many restaurants to get this catering project functioning. 


This project focuses on providing the public with accurate and up to date information about COVID-19 with research, infographic, videos, and informing the community. 

Assisting Seniors 

The team is working with the Sunnyvale Support group consisting of over 300 members to provide essential services to the seniors of our community. 

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