Selena Zhao

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Online Career Fair

Hi, I'm Selena, a junior at Lynbrook. My favorite subject in school is math, but I also enjoy French and CS. Outside of school, I enjoy running on my school's XC and track team, reading escapist fiction, and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy helping the community through tutoring, volunteering, and SRI. Fun fact: I have 3 siblings!

I joined SRI to make a change during quarantine instead of sit around and complain. A lot of the extracurriculars and events I had been looking forward to had been canceled, and I needed a new way to occupy time while helping the community. In SRI, I work on the virtual career fair project, where we collect responses from professionals about their jobs. These responses will be compiled on a website and released to the public, so when the time comes, it would be great if you can visit the site and see if any careers catch your eye! Also feel free to donate to the cause so that we can make greater change!

To donate on behalf of a member, please include their name in the note section of the donation. Thank you!

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