Murtaza Shiyaji

Murtaza Shiyaji

Unit Leader



Hello! My name is Murtaza Shiyaji, and I am a junior at Fremont High school. I've been with Bayreach since September of 2019, and I'm excited to be a part of the SRI! I enjoy reading in my spare time. I'm also a bit of a politics geek, so I tend to follow the news closely whenever I can.

After being part of Bayreach, I joined the SRI to both make a difference while being stuck at home during this pandemic, and support Bayreach while our main operations were suspended. I am a unit leader for the SLS education project, which seeks to simplify the information in the federal stimulus bills like the CARES act to be accessible to the average American citizen. We are currently working on setting up a website and organizing the information.


While my project does not need immediate funding, I would highly encourage a donation to support one of our other programs!

To donate on behalf of a member, please include their name in the note section of the donation. Thank you!

Murtaza Shiyaji

Thank You!