Jenny Ngo

Jenny Ngo

Unit Leader


Health Info and Research

I'm Jenny Ngo, a sophomore at Homestead High School. While growing up in Silicon Valley, there has always been a stronger pull towards the STEM field and a focus on academic achievements. This is why I'm overly grateful for the opportunity to venture from this expectation and dedicate myself to volunteering and helping underserved communities. A fun fact about me is that I love practicing self-defense and playing the La La Land soundtrack on the piano.

At the beginning of the outbreak, seeing my mother come home from long hospital shifts made me wish I could help. And while my issue was finding what to do with my time, there were people whose lives were on the line. SRI has allowed me to impact the community in whichever ways I can and take action. My project group researches information and facts about the COVID-19 outbreak and creates infographics. My role is to collaborate with my group and send out these infographics so they reach the community. If you also are searching for a way to support the community, I encourage you to donate to

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Jenny Ngo

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