Jake Labovitz

Jake Labovitz

Project Head


ER Catering

Jake is a rising senior at Homestead High School. He is very interested in the intersection of healthcare and engineering, and loves biology. Jake is a musician, and most of his extracurriculars revolve around this. He is a part of every instrumental ensemble at Homestead that he can be in. Jake also enjoys reading and hates ketchup and jigsaw puzzles. He has two Labrador retrievers, a 3 year old who still acts like a puppy and likes to sing with the piano, and a 13 year old who loves sleeping and is missing most of his nose from cancer.

I joined SRI because I love helping people and wanted to make an impact during this trying time, and SRI was the perfect place to do that. I am a project head in the NorCal health sector. The project was originally focused on catering to frontline healthcare workers int order to show our gratefulness for their sacrifices, however we are rotating to supporting the homeless community, a group we feel has been neglected or forgotten during the pandemic. You can support the project by donating to the SRI general fund, our project specifically, or buying items directly, which you can drop off or we'll pick up, and that we'll donate on your behalf.

To donate on behalf of a member, please include their name in the note section of the donation. Thank you!

Jake Labovitz

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