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Regional Staff

My name is Emily Yau, and I am a junior at Fremont High School. I'm a varsity athlete, so a lot of my time is dedicated to training for cross country, basketball, or softball. Otherwise, I also enjoy painting, watching movies, and listening to music. I'm also trying (and failing) to learn how to skateboard.

After COVID-19 overtook the nation, I suddenly found myself with a wide-open schedule. My past plans for softball season and a summer job were no longer in the picture. But messing around in my room for hours on end while there was a national pandemic going on just didn't sit right with me. SRI gave me an opportunity to do something about the pandemic and support my community during these tough times. Within SRI, I help out with internal communication and compiling updates on our projects.

Currently, SRI is working on several projects that have the potential to positively impact our community and grant support to groups affected by the pandemic. Money is, unfortunately, a barrier that we face when trying to create change. I understand that the pandemic has caused many to suffer economically, but if you are able to spare cash at this time, please donate to our initiative at bayreach.org/donate to support our cause.


P.S. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

To donate on behalf of a member, please include their name in the note section of the donation. Thank you!

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