Elina Mitra

Unit Member


Health Info and Research

Hey, my name's Elina and I'm currently a freshman attending Monta Vista. In my spare time I like to make sketches and paintings of people, landscapes, and animals. I also take hip-hop classes outside of school to express myself through dance. To chill out, I enjoy listening to scary stories from my favorite story channel, Mr. Nightmare as well as watch youtube videos mainly from the Try Guys. I enjoy working out at the gym (or at home like around these times) with music blasting. I am a big fan of metal music. The primary bands I listen to are Morbid Angel, Pantera, Slipknot, Megadeth, as well as Metallica.

I'd actually attended a meeting with Bayreach hosting during the time of finals, and I was notified about SRI when we got an email about it, and since I've always wanted to volunteer somewhere, I wanted to get the chance to be part of a community, so I applied for SRI. In SRI, I'm in the health sector doing research and info.

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