Allison Park

Allison Park

Bayreach Liaison


PPE Acquisition, ER Catering

Hello! I am a high school junior who enjoys learning about the world and people around me. I am an avid clarinet player with various honor band and youth orchestra experience, and I currently serve as a drum major for my school's marching band. When not hurdling or throwing for my school's track and field team, I can be found hanging out with friends, watching movies, solving different types of puzzles, or organizing things around the house.

I joined SRI to help support our healthcare workers and community members during these unprecedented times. As a Bayreach Liaison, I oversee the PPE Acquisition and ER Catering projects, and use my experience to help guide them to success. Additionally, I co-founded SRI's Donation Drive, where I co-organized and executed the collection and delivery of hundreds of sanitation/PPE supplies to hospitals from start to finish. However, in order to continue these projects, we need YOUR help. If you are able to, please use these links, respectively, to make a monetary donation to SRI and/or donate sanitation or PPE supplies to our Donation Drive.

To donate on behalf of a member, please include their name in the note section of the donation. Thank you!

Allison Park

Thank You!