COVID-19 has caused many schools to shut down and transition into distant learning, which poses many challenges for the students in our community. The foundation of our young learners’ is affected as the virus has become a barrier to helping them learn the basic skills in various subjects. In addition, students in high school only have a limited amount of resources for a crucial part of their life. This is the time when they build their extracurriculars and start to explore careers that they want to pursue. The education sector is determined to help out all the students in the nation affected by the virus. They are focusing towards providing students with the resources and assistance they need in order to make sure that the virus does not take a toll on anyone’s education.


The health sector is dedicated to helping keep everyone safe during this pandemic, especially those who are prone to the virus. This sector is also in charge of helping spread accurate and reliable information about the virus since it is critical to be aware of the ongoing situation. In addition, they are providing the brave hospitals that are fighting this global pandemic with services and equipment which are necessary. SRI believes it is their responsibility to help the doctors and nurses who are fighting this pandemic on behalf of all of us while putting their own lives at risk. 

Education Sector Projects
Protect Against Repeating Required Years Project (PARRY)

The purpose of this project is to advocate for protection against repeating school years. Many students are affected by the virus, and distance learning has been very difficult for many. Learning is not as easy as it would be in a classroom, and many teachers are not able to finish the curriculum which they are supposed to. The team is trying to make sure that this virus does not hurt anyone’s education journey by having them repeat school years.

AidUS (Aid Underprivileged Students) Project

The goal of the Aid US project is to serve all students in the country with an emphasis on helping low-income/homeless students. The project focuses on providing the students with the education amenities they need in order to continue learning effectively during these difficult times. So far, the team has worked on an electronics drive, providing students with free WiFi services, using different forms of media to educate students on learning practices, and to archive the experiences of those most affected during this time. The team’s most successful project had been a collaboration with the Young American Policy Advocates (YAPA). They have reached over 300 students from across the nation and offered quality classes. Currently, the team is working on forming a high school journalism team as well. Support their cause by donating electronics, volunteering to clean and/or drive the electronics, or volunteering to teach for YAPA.

Research Project

Research project’s goal is to research information on how the coronavirus affects students. Based on their findings, the team puts together steps which they can take to support the students with the issue. The unit researches multiple topics and derives mini projects from their research. The team has completed a mental health project, where they took on the responsibility to inform others about how mental health is affected during this quarantine, and they provided them with tips to help them. They created a flyer with all the necessary information and used the Bayreach Instagram to help spread this. The team is currently working on a standardized testing website hub, a convenient place for students to learn about how this situation with the virus affects their tests (AP Tests, SAT, ACT). They hope to provide up to date, reliable news, as well as study materials, which students may not have access to during the quarantine.

Visit the Bayreach Instagram to view the mental health flyers at

Online Career Fair Project

COVID-19 has limited the resources which high schoolers can use to learn more about different professions. Events like job shadow and career fairs have been canceled due to the virus. The goal of this project is to provide a way for students to discover potential career paths. The team is currently working on creating an online career fair as students are currently unable to attend career fairs at their schools. The website is going to consist of videos of professionals from different fields. The professionals will give a job description, talk about what a typical day looks like, explain the qualifications necessary for the job, and provide contact information in case a student wants more information.

If you or someone you know want to inform the next generation about your job and career, visit this link to sign up:


Health Sector Projects
PPE Acquisition Project

Due to COVID-19, many hospitals are running short of masks. The goal of this project is to provide personal protection equipment to the hospitals that are fighting on the front line against this global pandemic. The team is focusing on making handmade equipment by getting materials to their volunteers so that they can sow masks, which will be donated to the hospitals. Support this cause by donating, which will help fund materials for the equipment.

Information/Research Project

This project focuses on providing the public with accurate and up to date information about COVID-19. The project consists of three units: research, infographic/video, and implementing in the community. The team is working on producing and publicizing informative videos to educate the public about the virus. There’s a lot of misinformation going around, so staying informed is key to staying safe.

ER Catering Project

COVID-19 caused schools, offices, and many other places to shut down, but hospitals have been working day and night to help us get through this pandemic. The emergency room (ER) staff have been working double shifts tirelessly, even skipping their meals, in order to keep up with their patients. This project is aimed towards providing food to these workers in the ER and to help relieve their stressful days. The team has been contacting many restaurants to get this catering project functioning. 

Assisting Seniors Project 

During this time of crisis, it is especially important to limit our seniors to any kind of exposure to the virus to keep them safe as they are prone to getting sick. The team is working with the Sunnyvale Support group consisting of over 300 members to provide essential services to the seniors of our community. They help organize the support group and work closely with them to help implement necessary services. The team is also helping with the cultural differences in the seniors’ community, such as helping translate for non-english speakers. Currently, the team is focusing on organizing wellness checks through emails and calls. This quarantine is a lonely time for many of us, and the team is making sure that the elders do not feel this way. They are also focusing on providing technology support to the elders. Many seniors lose out on social life because they do not know how to use social conferencing sites. Currently, the team is sending out surveys to find out what services those who aren’t familiar with technology would like.