The Bayreach Student Response Initiative (SRI) is helping to combat the detrimental effects of COVID-19 in our community. Join our initiative by creating your own fundraising campaign to help! Scroll down to our projects section to find the cause you want to support. Stand with SRI and take a stand against COVID-19!

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in very different ways, but there are those who need our assistance during this crisis. We need to be there for each other to get through these difficult times. Your donation will help combat the virus and help us return to our everyday lives once again. The money will help purchase masks, assist seniors by delivering food, and contribute to the research of the virus. Every penny counts, and even the smallest donation will help make a difference.   

How to kick-start your fundraiser

Step 1

Create a GoFundMe fundraising page

Step 2

Personalize the page with pictures and make it visually appeasing

Step 3

Reach out to everybody you know (friends, family, teachers, etc) and let them know about your cause and how to donate

Step 4

Keep raising money!

Regional Projects

If the project you are looking to donate to is not an option in the donate page, please add a special note to your donation with the name of the project you would like to dedicate your money toward. 

Thank you!

PPE Aquisition


Protecting ourselves is very important to help contain the virus, and with the shortage of masks, it is difficult to do so. This project will help purchase masks and donate them to hospitals. It will also fund the supplies which are necessary to make homemade masks. 

Students participating in the Aid Underprivileged Students Project are implementing various methods to provide educational support for underprivileged students.

Feed the ER

Online Career Guidance

Feed the ER is a program that connects hospitals, local restaurants, and sponsors in order to coordinate meals for ER workers and help small businesses.

Through the Online Career Guidance Project, members are working to create a resource for students to make informed decisions about potential future career paths.

Information and


Education Research

The Information Spread Project works to find and spread accurate information regarding COVID-19 and prevention strategies to the general public.

The Education Research Project is made of dedicated, hardworking members who are working to research the educational problems that COVID-19 has caused and will cause in the community in order to be able to successfully create countermeasures.

Assisting Seniors

General Donations

During this time of crisis, it is especially important to limit our seniors to any kind of exposure to the virus to keep them safe as they are prone to getting sick. This project helps the seniors in our community by funding food delivery and any other essential serviceswhich they need to be provided with.

If you cannot choose, you can always help to contribute by making a general donation, which helps with the many other facets of SRI. Any donation will help combat COVID-19!


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