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The Student Response Initiative is dedicated to our response to the nation-wide threat of COVID-19. We are hard at work addressing problems that affect our local communities, in the regions below.

If you would like your money to go to the areas that most need it, please donate to our National Reserve Fund.

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If you would like to see projects in your region, select your area below to see what our student-led groups are doing in their sector or specific projects!

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Regional Projects

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Education Sector

Northern California

The Education Sector of Northern California will oversee and execute all of their projects to combat the disruptions in education created by COVID-19.

Health Sector

Northern California

The Health Sector of Northern California will oversee and execute all of their projects to combat the threat to health created by COVID-19.


Education Sector

Students participating in the Aid Underprivileged Students Project are implementing various methods to provide educational support for underprivileged students.

Education Research

Education Sector

The Education Research Project is made of dedicated, hardworking members who are working to research the educational problems that COVID-19 has caused and will cause in the community in order to be able to successfully create countermeasures.

Online Career Guidance

Education Sector

Through the Online Career Guidance Project, members are working to create a resource for students to make informed decisions about potential future career paths.

Mask Our Heroes

Health Sector

The Mask Our Heroes is organizing efforts to create hand-sewn masks for the hospital workers in desperate need of PPE.

Feed the ER

Health Sector

Feed the ER is a program that connects hospitals, local restaurants, and sponsors in order to coordinate meals for ER workers and help small businesses.

Information Research & Distribution

Health Sector

The Information Spread Project works to find and spread accurate information regarding COVID-19 and prevention strategies to the general public.