About Us

Executive Team

The Executive Team is a close group of students that dedicate hundreds of hours a year to ensure the success of all operations and members of our organization.

Aidan Lin


Elaine Huang

Executive Advisor

Andrew Park

Executive Assistant

Samyak Jain

Vice President

Allison Park

Lead Executive Assistant

Amaya Lin

Executive Assistant


Director Team

The Director Team specializes their leadership skills to our three departments: Volunteering, Internal Operations, and External Operations.

Gabrielle Darisme

Director of Volunteering

Edwin He

Director of Internal Operations

Hannah Oh

Director of External Operations

Rachel Shin

Asst. Director of Volunteering

Iris Leung

Asst. Director of Internal Operations

Anna Pierce

Asst. Director of External Operations

Department of Volunteering

This Department contains our dedicated leaders of Bayreach Volunteer Corps (BVC) and Bayreach Education Corps (BEC).

Sarah Oh

Jenny MacDonald

Sunny Wang

Evelyn Qiu

Shanna Ma

Eileen Kim

Department of Internal Operations

This Department contains our hardworking Outreach and Finance members.

Kriti Kaushal

Kavya Kaushal

Ruba Thekkath

Dan Penalosa

Department of External Operations

This Department contains our passionate members in the Campaign and Research Teams.

Kriti Kaushal

Kavya Kaushal

Ria Maheshwari

Kripa Mayureshwar

Shreeya Mamidipaka

Ritu Atreyas

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