Education Sector

The Education Sector of the Student Response Initiative focuses its efforts on the impacts of COVID-19 on educational services, systems, and all possible disruptions.

Current confirmed projects include:

  • Create mini libraries for students during COVID-19

  • Explore the effects of COVID-19 on students and staff

  • Create a resource for students to make informed decisions regarding future career paths

  • Implementing various methods to provide educational support for underprivileged student

Health Sector

The Health Sector of the Student Response Initiative focuses its efforts on the impacts of COVID-19 on health within the community and how to address certain problems as an organized student force.

Current confirmed projects include:

  • Find and spread accurate information regarding COVID-19 and prevention strategies to the general public

  • Connect hospitals, local restaurants, and sponsors in order to coordinate meals for ER workers and help small businesses

  • Organizing efforts to create hand-sewn masks for the hospital workers in desperate need of PPE

Regional Structure


These are small operational groups of students that consist of Unit Members and Unit Leaders. The majority of SRI members work in these groups. Each unit has a defined role within their project and tasks are delegated by the Unit Leader.


-  Unit Leaders

-  Unit Members​

Regional Structure


Project Heads are in charge of a project. They lead the coordination of multiple Units to achieve a certain task, program, or event.


-  Project Heads

Regional Structure

Region Sector Staff

SRI strives to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 within two specific sectors: Education and Health. Each sector has a Regional Sector Director, backed by the Regional Sector Staff that oversee projects, deadlines, budgets, team management, promotions, and more within their sectors.


-  Regional Sector Director

-  Associate Regional Director

-  Head of Regional HR

-  Head of Regional Finance

-  Head of Regional Outreach

-  Sector Assistant

-  Sector Secretary

Full SRI Outline: